Policy makers

In order to develop an environment which encourages statutory and voluntary agencies to identify and address the needs of women from new migrant communities at risk of gender based violence, we recommend that

  1. National and local awareness raising work needs to expand understanding of what domestic violence is, including the experiences and needs of women from new migrant communities and including forms of violence such as trafficking and honour based violence. 
  2. End No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) conditions for women who are fleeing or who have fled gender based violence and abuse.
  3. Refuges should be available to all women including those with insecure immigration status and NRPF.
  4. Be mindful that the domestic abuse rules do not cover women whose husband, partner or civil partner is not British and of the implications of this 
  5. Support local and national initiatives to provide mother tongue information on gender based violence   covering the rights of women and children and the available services.
  6. Invest resources and thought into prevention programmes that enable boys and girls to develop a knowledge and understanding of what constitutes gender based violence and what are the key features of healthy relationships while giving them the skills and confidence to champion healthy relationships.
  7. All women fleeing gender based violence, regardless of their immigration status, should be able to access free legal advice and advocacy.
  8. Professionals in all statutory agencies need basic training on domestic violence which includes the needs and experiences of women from new migrant communities, including trafficked women. 
  9. Policy makers need to hear the voices of women from new migrant communities in order to develop policies informed by their needs and experiences.

You can download this checklist as a PDF from our Resources page.